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We invite you to review some of our Frequently Asked Questions, to learn more about the uniqueness of our specialized bottle coating method.

Q. How does the Bottle Coatings process protect UV curable nail polish gels?
A. Our patented technology protects UV nail gel by powder coating the gel’s glass container, blocking out damaging UV rays that could prematurely dry out the gel.

Q. Does the powder coated bottle look different from traditional nail polish bottles?
A. The similarities are quite remarkable since each bottle is powder colored in the matching hue of the particular gel inside that bottle.

Q. How durable is the powder coating on the bottle?
A. It is extremely durable. We use a highly chemical-resistant form of powder, which makes it impervious to the aggressive chemicals inherent with polish and primer.

Q. Why haven’t others mastered this technique?
A. Others have tried to devise a similarly workable solution, but the process requires specialized equipment, as well as significant knowledge gained from extensive research.

Q. How does powder coating compare with liquid bottle coatings?
A. Powder coating typically provides a longer shelf life, offers more uniform coverage and works more reliably.

Q. How does powder coating impact the environment?
A. Powder coating is an eco-friendly solution that contributes to a healthier environment. It utilizes a melting process that reduces smog-producing VOCs.

Q. What is the procedure for getting my bottles powder coated?
A. Simply send us your custom glass nail polish bottles. We apply the UV-resistant coating for any glass bottle size, and we match any color spec.

Q. What if I don’t have my own bottles?
A. We can also supply you with bottle services if you don’t have any of your own. We offer a variety of adjunct services to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Q. Can you customize the product’s appearance?
A. Yes, just provide us with a computerized file of your artwork and designs so that we can give your bottle a unique identity, with a full palette of colors available to you. We can provide pad printing, silk-screening, labeling and deco.

Q. What kind of powder coating experience does Bottle Coatings have?
A. Bottle Coatings has a vast amount of powder coating experience. Our parent company is Sundial Powder Coatings, a 30-year-old industry leader offering numerous innovations, including a 7-stage stainless steel de-ionized water pretreatment system and the respected Six Sigma quality control method. Sundial powder coats a wide range of items, from manufacturing and auto parts, to car bodies and car cages, door frames, home appliances and more.