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UV Protection


There is only one reason we can think of, of why someone would visit this page; UV Light is not your friend. Is your bottled product curing inside your glass bottle? Perhaps it is turning yellow as it sits on the display shelf, becoming undesirable to consumers. Even worse, has it lost the original taste and now it smells like skunk? Gross!

Bottle Coatings has your solution. With our patented coating process we can eliminate all of the troubles UV wavelengths can cause. Till today there are four known methods of reducing UV degradation, absorbing, converting, filtering and blocking.

Only Blocking UV wavelengths can provide you with the protection your product needs. Two of the most common methods used in the past have been absorption and converting; both of these methods only work for a limited time. The longer the UV inhibitor is exposed to the UV Wavelengths the less effective it becomes, shortening your product shelf life. Filtering of UV Wavelengths is just plain bad. In today’s high end displays and artificial light there is a multitude of UV light that is just not being ‘filtered’.

Bottle Coatings has developed a patented two coat process that will eliminate all UVA/UVB and UVC wavelengths from penetration the coating and damaging your product. Continuous exposure is a more serious problem than intermittent exposure, since attack is dependent on the extent and degree of exposure. Many natural and synthetic polymers are attacked by ultra-violet radiation and products made using these materials may crack or disintegrate (if they’re not UV-stable).

The problem is known as UV degradation, and we have the solution.