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Bright…bold…dramatic…impactful. That’s how the Bottle Coatings technique can make your product stand out. We do it with valuable services such as these:



You are limited only by your imagination when creating a nail polish gel bottle through Bottle Coatings. We can customize a wide range of colors and blended hues to match the unique color of your gel…even metallics and textured shades. Should you need to differentiate various lines by color or design, we can also produce an entirely original look for your container by applying your different graphic treatments, logos and special lettering.

Graphics Applications

Bottle Coatings is much more than an assembly line powder coating service. We have spent countless hours and hours of research, perfecting our craft and developing the proper formula for maximum effectiveness. We also offer a full complement of services to assist you with your design and graphics for a highly original nail gel bottle.

We offer pad printing, silk-screening, labeling and deco, among our many adjunct design services. If you have a particular logo or style for your branding purposes, we can take your graphics and duplicate them on the powder-coated bottles.


It’s really very easy to submit your order and receive your finished, powder-coated product. Just provide us with the appropriate information and send us the glass nail polish bottles that need to be treated. We will then apply the UV-resistant coating for any bottle size and closely match your exact color specs. We can even supply the bottles, if necessary.

Once the powder coating process is completed, we will promptly ship your bottles back to you…ready to fill with your product.