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Powder Coating – The Environment’s Friend

The art of powder coating has earned many fans and followers over recent years. It is hailed for its attractive appearance, its scratch resistance and general durability, its rich color and its versatility.

Just as important, powder coating is an environmentally friendly process.

Other processes, such as wet painting, require various preparations that can adversely impact the environment. Harmful fumes and carcinogens can fill the air once the carrier solvents evaporate.

Powder coating, on the other hand, applies fine grade compounds to electrically charged objects and heats them to melt the compounds.

There are no harmful solvents used, so negligible, if any, amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the atmosphere. In essence, the powder is virtually pollution-free, with close to 100% efficiency of particle transfer. Electrostatic processing is also low energy-consuming, and unused or oversprayed powder is easily recovered. This minimizes waste and allows for easy, safe disposal.

Many companies that utilize powder coating earn important LEED credits that demonstrate they are using green technology. Check to see what kinds of credits or tax benefits you might be eligible for when utilizing technology such as powder coating. Above all, you can be proud that you are playing a role in promoting a green future.

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