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Powder Coating Resists Nail Polish Chemicals

As a multi-billion dollar industry, the nail polish and cosmetics business must overcome various challenges to maintain its successful position. It is the nature of this business that harsh chemicals are often used in the various product formulations. These chemicals can break down other substances and create problems, if not properly addressed. Powder coating of nail polish bottles not only serves to protect the nail gel from harmful UV light, but it can also provide a strong barrier against harsh chemicals often found in the cosmetics workplace environment. Constant exposure to these chemicals can cause non-powder coated bottles to fail. So storing bottles without the coating can ultimately cost companies money. Nail polish manufacturers have also been pleased that powder coating offers an environmentally friendly solution to an industry that typically requires the use of these sometimes harsh chemicals. The powder coating provides an opportunity for cosmetics manufacturers to demonstrate that its processes utilize environmentally responsible components. So the service that Bottle Coatings provides leads to a win-win solution. Not only does powder coating help to protect nail gels from curing prematurely, but it also guards against damaging chemicals and supports a “greener” working environment. It’s no wonder that cosmetics companies are turning to this proven, cost-effective process to protect their investments. Bottle Coatings serves some of the biggest names in the industry, and we ship powder-coated bottles all over the U.S., Canada and overseas.

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