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Get the Color Match That’s Right for You

Get the Color Match That’s Right for You

The beauty of nail polish gels is that they come in so many different color hues, shades and textures. On the other hand, the problem is that they come in so many different hues, shades and textures. By providing so many different color choices, you greatly increase your customer base. Today, however, with the popularity of UV-curing gels, you must package them in bottles that shield the gel from UV rays. So how do you possibly paint bottles to match that dizzying array of colors? After all, your customers want to know the exact color that they are purchasing.

Fortunately, Bottle Coatings has developed a highly accurate color matching system so that our powder coated bottles effectively duplicate the color of the product inside. We can work from your custom specifications, providing you with thousands of different color choices. Choose from variations like glossies, metallics, glitters, hammer tones and more.

Our expert staff is highly skilled in this precision process. We have produced more than 180 different colors for our clients and continue to expand our color options. Handling orders of 50,000 to 5 million or more, we can work with you to match your color needs. Keep in mind, also, that powder coated colors such as these will not fade or discolor with time or exposure to light.

When it comes to accurate color matching, no one bottles creativity like Bottle Coatings!

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