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SOOTHING AND COMFORTING For the non-proficient “coloristas,” trying to combine brand power with a color that will grab the attention of a potential consumer with causing them to look away in disgust, our solid color pallet is your best bet. These colors add appeal to otherwise unnoticeable products.




INSIGHTFUL AND PERCEPTIVE clear glass is just that, transparent. Our coatings help color code product for easy identity. Add a layer of color with the ability to see what inside is one of the few benefits of our colored transparent coatings.




DISTINCT AND INDIVIDUAL all of our coatings have a level of specialty but these colors are truly different; because these colors are all yours. That’s right our special colors are also known as ‘Custom Color’ designed to highlight your brand and only your brand. Once a color has been created for your product only your product will have the rights to use it.



BC_gallery-padPad Printing

DESCRIPTIVE AND ARTICULATE labels offer a unique and often similar looking information sharing methodology. Pad Printing offers the alternative to the boring and forgettable.



BC_gallery-metallicMetallics and Glitters

It’s the Old Testament to shiny objects. For some reason, we can’t stop but stare.