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Ensure 100% Yield with Powder Coating

Today’s competitive world makes the phrase “customer satisfaction” more pertinent than ever for running a successful business. In the cosmetics industry, where limitless choices abound, you want your customer to feel that she or he is getting maximum value every time.

Until now, the innovation of UV-curing nail polish gels delivered on one front, but not so much on the other. While customers loved the quick, easy drying attribute, often they would get less than a full bottle of product because a portion of it would dry out too quickly.

Now, however, Bottle Coatings’ new patent-pending powder coating technique safeguards UV nail gel by coating the entire glass container and blocking out troublesome UV light. This enables you to offer your customer 100% yield of the product inside. No other coating offers that level of light protection and UVA/B blockage.

Let’s face it…customers don’t like to waste their money. When the product dries and hardens in the bottle, they think negatively of the brand and look elsewhere to make their next purchase.

At Bottle Coatings we’ve perfected the process so that the powder withstands chemicals and harsh conditions, assuring your customer of round-the-clock gel protection and full usage of the product.

Protect your brand, protect your business…and grow your customer base with the latest innovations inside…and outside…the bottle. With Bottle Coatings technology, you can stay cutting edge with confidence.

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