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Nailing An Industry NeedBottleCoatings250

While the fragrance category excels at structurally sexy bottles, other beauty categories rely more on function—but that’s not to say they can’t be pretty, too.

In the fast-paced category of nail care, which is undergoing phenomenal growth, in part due to the do-it–yourself market, new launches, with new product technology, such as nail strips and crackle finishes have become almost expected. When long-wearing gel polishes took salons by storm, it was only a matter of time before they became a DIY phenomenon. The only problem was, with formulas so sensitive to light, how could they be sold at a retail level?

Powder coating is typically used in the metal and architectural industry, but it has recently been altered and reinvented and achieved new life in the gel nail polish category, as it guards the sensitive formulas from light.

Shivie Dhillon, president of Bottle Coatings, a division of Los Angeles-based Sundial Powder Coatings, says, “We never imagined the cosmetic industry needing the protective and chemical resistance properties that are inherent in powder coating. When we crossed industry lines we quickly realized that the cosmetic industry would not be able to assist us in what they were looking for.” He says that outside of saying things like, “smooth, glossy and block out the light,” they left it up to Bottle Coatings to find the solution. “We had to develop methods and processes to quantify how much light, or more accurately, what wavelengths needed to be blocked.” Bottle Coatings now has specs that describe various gloss levels, chemical resistance and smoothness.

The patent-pending UV protectant coating creates an adhesive bond between the powder and glass, which Dhillon says is no small feat, considering there is no natural electrostatic attraction there. He says, “This unique, innovative process ensures precise coverage for full protection, while also eliminating concerns about streaking or uneven distribution that causes unbalanced bottle weight.”

Powder coating, on the whole, says Dhillon, offers a greater shelf life than liquid coatings, works more reliably and, because of the technique used, preserves the original diameter of the bottle neck threads. Because powder coating is an eco-friendly solution, he says nail polish manufacturers can also tout this environmentally safe process for their industry.

Powder Coating Resists Nail Polish Chemicals

As a multi-billion dollar industry, the nail polish and cosmetics business must overcome various challenges to maintain its successful position. It is the nature of this business that harsh chemicals are often used in the various product formulations. These chemicals can break down other substances and create problems, if not properly addressed. Powder coating of nail polish bottles not only serves to protect the nail gel from harmful UV light, but it can also provide a strong barrier against harsh chemicals often found in the cosmetics workplace environment. Constant exposure to these chemicals can cause non-powder coated bottles to fail. So storing bottles without the coating can ultimately cost companies money. Nail polish manufacturers have also been pleased that powder coating offers an environmentally friendly solution to an industry that typically requires the use of these sometimes harsh chemicals. The powder coating provides an opportunity for cosmetics manufacturers to demonstrate that its processes utilize environmentally responsible components. So the service that Bottle Coatings provides leads to a win-win solution. Not only does powder coating help to protect nail gels from curing prematurely, but it also guards against damaging chemicals and supports a “greener” working environment. It’s no wonder that cosmetics companies are turning to this proven, cost-effective process to protect their investments. Bottle Coatings serves some of the biggest names in the industry, and we ship powder-coated bottles all over the U.S., Canada and overseas.

Ensure 100% Yield with Powder Coating

Today’s competitive world makes the phrase “customer satisfaction” more pertinent than ever for running a successful business. In the cosmetics industry, where limitless choices abound, you want your customer to feel that she or he is getting maximum value every time.

Until now, the innovation of UV-curing nail polish gels delivered on one front, but not so much on the other. While customers loved the quick, easy drying attribute, often they would get less than a full bottle of product because a portion of it would dry out too quickly.

Now, however, Bottle Coatings’ new patent-pending powder coating technique safeguards UV nail gel by coating the entire glass container and blocking out troublesome UV light. This enables you to offer your customer 100% yield of the product inside. No other coating offers that level of light protection and UVA/B blockage.

Let’s face it…customers don’t like to waste their money. When the product dries and hardens in the bottle, they think negatively of the brand and look elsewhere to make their next purchase.

At Bottle Coatings we’ve perfected the process so that the powder withstands chemicals and harsh conditions, assuring your customer of round-the-clock gel protection and full usage of the product.

Protect your brand, protect your business…and grow your customer base with the latest innovations inside…and outside…the bottle. With Bottle Coatings technology, you can stay cutting edge with confidence.

Get the Color Match That’s Right for You

Get the Color Match That’s Right for You

The beauty of nail polish gels is that they come in so many different color hues, shades and textures. On the other hand, the problem is that they come in so many different hues, shades and textures. By providing so many different color choices, you greatly increase your customer base. Today, however, with the popularity of UV-curing gels, you must package them in bottles that shield the gel from UV rays. So how do you possibly paint bottles to match that dizzying array of colors? After all, your customers want to know the exact color that they are purchasing.

Fortunately, Bottle Coatings has developed a highly accurate color matching system so that our powder coated bottles effectively duplicate the color of the product inside. We can work from your custom specifications, providing you with thousands of different color choices. Choose from variations like glossies, metallics, glitters, hammer tones and more.

Our expert staff is highly skilled in this precision process. We have produced more than 180 different colors for our clients and continue to expand our color options. Handling orders of 50,000 to 5 million or more, we can work with you to match your color needs. Keep in mind, also, that powder coated colors such as these will not fade or discolor with time or exposure to light.

When it comes to accurate color matching, no one bottles creativity like Bottle Coatings!

Easy Delivery is Key Component

Customers rely on Bottle Coatings for quality service, which means not only resilient, durable coatings with color accuracy, but also quick, hassle-free delivery. We strive to make the delivery process as easy as possible for you. Merely ship us your empty bottles, and we will professionally coat them, then send them back to you right away so that you can fill your bottles and send them out to your own customers as expeditiously as possible. If you don’t have your own nail polish bottles…no problem. We can supply you with those bottles, with virtually any number count that you desire.

Because our parent company, SunDial Powder Coatings, is a highly innovative powder coating company with more than 30 years of experience, we have a well-developed supply chain and job processing system. Large orders and tight deadlines have been part of our business for decades. We are able to move product rapidly, while applying all of our quality control mechanisms. The result is that you can place your order with confidence, knowing that Bottle Coatings will process it efficiently, handle it professionally and deliver it quickly.

Powder Coating – The Environment’s Friend

The art of powder coating has earned many fans and followers over recent years. It is hailed for its attractive appearance, its scratch resistance and general durability, its rich color and its versatility.

Just as important, powder coating is an environmentally friendly process.

Other processes, such as wet painting, require various preparations that can adversely impact the environment. Harmful fumes and carcinogens can fill the air once the carrier solvents evaporate.

Powder coating, on the other hand, applies fine grade compounds to electrically charged objects and heats them to melt the compounds.

There are no harmful solvents used, so negligible, if any, amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the atmosphere. In essence, the powder is virtually pollution-free, with close to 100% efficiency of particle transfer. Electrostatic processing is also low energy-consuming, and unused or oversprayed powder is easily recovered. This minimizes waste and allows for easy, safe disposal.

Many companies that utilize powder coating earn important LEED credits that demonstrate they are using green technology. Check to see what kinds of credits or tax benefits you might be eligible for when utilizing technology such as powder coating. Above all, you can be proud that you are playing a role in promoting a green future.